The Four Noble Truths

 The Buddha's Four Noble Truths explores suffering. These sufferings can be looked upon in the following categories.  

Dukkha: which means "Suffering exists":  Suffering is real and can be caused by numbers of different situations and events that take place in life such as: loss, sickness, pain, failure, and the wanting of pleasure.

Samudaya: which means "There is a cause for suffering". Disire is the cause for our suffering.  Desire to have, and control certain objects, and people around us. This desire can be shown in different forms such as: wanting of sensual pleasures, the desire for fame, or the desire to avoid unwanted sensations like fear, anger, or jelousy.

Nirodha: which means "There is an end to suffering".  Suffering keeps us from the final liberation of Nirvana. Once you overcome suffering your mind becomes free completely. This helps you to let go of any desire.

Magga:means you must follow the Noble EightFold path to end all suffering.